Our boat THE KONGO, is a fully equipped 28', twin engine, BAHA 280 Fisherman Hard-top which has proven itself to be a durable and comfortable fishing platform. BAHA boats are well constructed craft, built to stand up to the elements.  It's enclosed seating area protects you from the elements while waiting for the big one to hit. Her spacious fishing area provides plenty of room for fighting fish or just enjoying the beautiful Lake Erie sun. Her wide 10' 6" beam provides a sturdy and spacious platform for fighting fish or just relaxing.  The cabin also allows you another option for relaxing, and also has a fully enclosed stand-up bathroom for your privacy. Our new boat will be fully equipped with all new gear to start the season.

  THE KONGO comes equipped with all of the USCG required safety equipment as well as all the latest electronics and gear.  Our electronics include fish-finding sonar and chart-plotting GPS, satellite weather imagery, VHF marine radio, down rigger speed and temperature and a stereo for your pleasure.  

 THE KONGO is fully equipped for Lake Erie fishing, we use Big-Jon downriggers, rod holders and planner board systems.  When it comes to rods and reels we use only OKUMA, a brand that has proven it durability day in and day out on Lake Erie.  All of our set- ups are tied with Seaquar Florocarbon leaders which give the stealth approach to our bait. We also use lines produced by the Blood Run Tackle company which proven to be effective on picky walleyes.

  To get our baits to the depth and distance we want to fish, we use Off Shore releases and tackle. We use the baits that produce fish at that time and that produce throughout the season.  Some of these are Reef Runner Baits, Z-Man stick-baits, Dreamweaver Spoons and Contender Spoons.  To put it plain and simple, if I didn't trust and rely on these products, they would not be on my website.  If you would like more information on Off Shore, Reef Runner, Seaguar, Z-man, Dreamweaver and Contender click on the links below.
 On all charters I work with a mate who knows all of the functions of the boat and it's equipment as well as all the latest fishing information. Our mates increase safety during an outing and can also increase fishing productivity.

 It is my goal to offer you the safest, most comfortable and memorable fishing experience. If you have any questions about fishing aboard the KONGO please contact me 716-785-5580
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